From being a court artist to making graphic novels about school shooters, dabbling in game design and to learning by teaching... I find myself craving any type of work that challenges me. And I love any kind of team that has the drive to push whatever they are doing to the next level and love improving themselves in and outside of work.

My preferred management style is to be hands-on and lead by example and competition. I believe a team delivers the most through constantly maintained self determination and leadership transparency, rather than lofty speeches or overly strict schedules and rules. 


December 2016 - CURRENT Polyamorous. Warsaw, PL

Co-founder/Art Director

Created everything from the art-bible to the company logo for this company founded by Grzegorz Ciach, Mateusz Blaszczyk and myself. During my stay I have overseen a team of 6 in-house artists managed two separate 3D outsource teams.

  • Created the style guide for the project. It focused heavily on optimizing the use of in-house, outsource and Unreal Marketplace assets while still maintaining a consistent visual style.

  • Managed the creation all of 3D assets and levels and provided a multitude of concept art, over-paints, post process work and finalizing touches on them.

  • Created a modular level design system that made the art team as flexible as possible, allowing us to create viable tasks independently from design and narrative.

  • Worked with agile through the team producer and learned to love Trello as my newly preferred tracking tool for team tasks.

  • Created several levels and modular rooms/dioramas in the Unreal Engine.

  • Created promotion materials/attended game conventions to promote our game: (PAX West, GamesCom, Paris Game convention and GDC ) to promote our game


January 2016 - Current III lines. Sydney, AU

Artist and PR Manager for III lines. (side project)

A collective aiming to bring high quality digital artist into the contemporary art scene by mean of public relations and active gallery work. 

  • Producing large scale artwork for canvas printing

  • Reaching out to artists and galleries for representation

  • Art consulting, social media outlets, physical distribution and print work.

  • Exhibitions at STACKS, ORGANIX and LOCO in Sydney


June 2015 - Current OutSource2US. PRAGUE, CZ

Freelance Art Director and artist for an international creative outsourcing agency.

Providing estimations and briefing for the projects

  • Creating concept and production art

  • Helping others with overpaints and art direction as needed

  • Evaluation of project scopes and tactics



Creative Director – Hired as a contractor to help directing a new project based on DAYZ's core mechanics but with a new engine in play. Had a team of 20 working on the new title. Including artists, designers, sound designers and programmers.

Created both directional and in-depth design documentation for First-person combat, Co-op, Animal AI, Environment behaviours, weather behaviours, crafting and navigation

  • Created the projects style guide – Focusing heavily on the challenges of indicating a reactionary game-world with a heavy focus on player programming

  • Put together and preformed project presentations for several company branches

  • Worked closely with the Project Lead and brought a new team together, even though the constraints and challenges were massive

  • Worked with Agile through the Project Lead, learning about it as a management tool and philosophy

  • Worked with programs such as Confluence and JIRA for project tracking


April 2011 – October 2014 Volta. Quebec City, CA

Art Director – Producing high quality artwork for Volta and its clients – art directing in-house and outsourcing teams; ensuring clear communication and high quality assets.

  • Daily art direction for 15-20 in-house and outsourcing employees on multiple projects

  • Assuring clear communication on Volta's projects, creating style-guides and briefings

  • Direct planning with Volta's Clients; scheduling, budget evaluations, interviews and direct creative collaboration and brainstorming

  • Clients: Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, Guerilla Games, Mattel, Marvel, Pepsi, Gree, Virtuos, Riot Games, Klab + More

  • Taught concept art classes for 22 students at ENDI (The National Institute of Digital Entertainment) Prepared tasks, held lectures and followed up with each student

  • Worked with project tools such as Basecamp and Hansoft to manage assets and projects across the company

  • Responsible for producing high quality concept art, storyboards and illustrations


April 2008 – March 2011 Crytek. Budapest, HU

Concept Artist/ Junior Game Designer on Ryse

Concept Artist

  • Responsible for producing high quality concept art and illustrations

  • Produced and wrote the first draft of the project Style Guide

  • Art directed and pushed the project along-side the Creative Directors at the time

  • Worked with z-brush and 3DSmax to creating textures, normal maps and 3D concepts for the character team

Junior Game Designer

  • Worked with CryEngine on multiple occasions – partook in level design and QA

  • Responsible of creating design documents and visuals to assist the design team

  • Charged with creating combat scenarios, NPC-Co-op behaviors and Boss fights

  • Participated in all story and design related meetings, but also on-site interviews with new candidates


2006-2008 NyhedsAvisen. Copenhagen, DK

Illustrator for the digital and printed newspaper Nyhedsavisen, with as many as one million daily readers

  • Responsible for creating daily illustrations for news related stories, even being a court artist on two seperate terror cases

  • Collaborated with journalists to bring as much of their story into the artwork as possible, including the political/celebrity figures they were interviewing

  • Created the weekly comic strip Ugly Dumb n Deadly

  • Worked with page layout and design departments


2004-2006 watAgame Copenhagen, DK

Art Lead – Era of Eidalon and GO-Supermodel

  • Responsible for producing high quality concept art and illustrations

  • Responsible for creating in-game pixel graphics and animations

  • Developed the art style on the official game websites and company website

  • Created an array of PR materials. From 280x60 pixel - to five meter canvas banners


2002-2004 Io-Interactive Copenhagen, DK

Trainee/Additional Artist – Freedom Fighters, Hitman Contacts Kane and Lynch

  • Was exposed to the Concept Art team and Character Team, learning general rules of conduct and development and assisting the teams where ever it was needed

  • Also spent time learning about story writing, level design and game design from the senior staff

  • Participated in most creative meetings and brainstorming sessions



Expertly: Adobe Photoshop, Pixologic Z-brush, Unreal Engine, SketchUp, Prezi, MS Office Pack

Casual understanding: 3D Studio Max, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Cry Engine, Unity, Enfusion Engine