From drawing in court, making graphic novels about school shooters, dabbling in game design and to learning by teaching... I find myself loving any type of work that challenges me. I love any kind of team that has the drive to push whatever they are doing to the next level and love improving themselves in and outside of work.  


December 2016 - CURRENT Polyamorous. Barcelona, ES

Co-founder/Art Director

Part of a brand new start up focusing on visually designing complex narratives and mind bending worlds for PC and PS4.


January 2016 - Current III lines. Sydney, AU

Artist and PR Manager for III lines. (side project)

A collective aiming to bring high quality digital artist into the contemporary art scene by mean of public relations and active gallery work. 

  • Producing large scale artwork for canvas printing

  • Reaching out to artists and galleries for representation

  • Art consulting, social media outlets, physical distribution and print work.


June 2015 - Current OutSource2US. PRAGUE, CZ

Freelance Art Director and artist for an international creative outsourcing agency.

Providing estimations and briefing for the projects

  • Creating concept and production art

  • Helping others with overpaints and art direction as needed

  • Evaluation of project scopes and tactics



Creative Director – Hired as a contractor to help directing a new project based on DAYZ's core mechanics but with a new engine in play. Had a team of 20 working on the new title. Including artists, designers, sound designers and programmers.

Created both directional and in-depth design documentation for First-person combat, Co-op, Animal AI, Environment behaviours, weather behaviours, crafting and navigation

  • Created the projects style guide – Focusing heavily on the challenges of indicating a reactionary game-world with a heavy focus on player programming

  • Put together and preformed project presentations for several company branches

  • Worked closely with the Project Lead and brought a new team together, even though the constraints and challenges were massive

  • Worked with Agile through the Project Lead, learning about it as a management tool and philosophy

  • Worked with programs such as Confluence and JIRA for project tracking


April 2011 – October 2014 Volta. Quebec City, CA

Art Director – Producing high quality artwork for Volta and its clients – art directing in-house and outsourcing teams; ensuring clear communication and high quality assets.

  • Daily art direction for 15-20 in-house and outsourcing employees on multiple projects

  • Assuring clear communication on Volta's projects, creating style-guides and briefings

  • Direct planning with Volta's Clients; scheduling, budget evaluations, interviews and direct creative collaboration and brainstorming

  • Clients: Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, Guerilla Games, Mattel, Marvel, Pepsi, Gree, Virtuos, Riot Games, Klab + More

  • Taught concept art classes for 22 students at ENDI (The National Institute of Digital Entertainment) Prepared tasks, held lectures and followed up with each student

  • Worked with project tools such as Basecamp and Hansoft to manage assets and projects across the company

  • Responsible for producing high quality concept art, storyboards and illustrations


April 2008 – March 2011 Crytek. Budapest, HU

Concept Artist/ Junior Game Designer on Ryse

Concept Artist

  • Responsible for producing high quality concept art and illustrations

  • Produced and wrote the first draft of the project Style Guide

  • Art directed and pushed the project along-side the Creative Directors at the time

  • Worked with z-brush and 3DSmax to creating textures, normal maps and 3D concepts for the character team

Junior Game Designer

  • Worked with CryEngine on multiple occasions – partook in level design and QA

  • Responsible of creating design documents and visuals to assist the design team

  • Charged with creating combat scenarios, NPC-Co-op behaviors and Boss fights

  • Participated in all story and design related meetings, but also on-site interviews with new candidates


2006-2008 NyhedsAvisen. Copenhagen, DK

Illustrator for the digital and printed newspaper Nyhedsavisen, with as many as one million daily readers

  • Responsible for creating daily illustrations for news related stories, even being a court artist on two seperate terror cases

  • Collaborated with journalists to bring as much of their story into the artwork as possible, including the political/celebrity figures they were interviewing

  • Created the weekly comic strip Ugly Dumb n Deadly

  • Worked with page layout and design departments


2004-2006 watAgame Copenhagen, DK

Art Lead – Era of Eidalon and GO-Supermodel

  • Responsible for producing high quality concept art and illustrations

  • Responsible for creating in-game pixel graphics and animations

  • Developed the art style on the official game websites and company website

  • Created an array of PR materials. From 280x60 pixel - to five meter canvas banners


2002-2004 Io-Interactive Copenhagen, DK

Trainee/Additional Artist – Freedom Fighters, Hitman Contacts Kane and Lynch

  • Was exposed to the Concept Art team and Character Team, learning general rules of conduct and development and assisting the teams where ever it was needed

  • Also spent time learning about story writing, level design and game design from the senior staff

  • Participated in most creative meetings and brainstorming sessions



Expertly: Adobe Photoshop, Corel painter, Pixologic Z-brush, SketchUp, Prezi, MS Office Pack, GOOGLE DOCS

Casual understanding: 3D Studio Max, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Cry Engine, Unity, Unreal Engine, Enfusion Engine